Virginia G. Piper Health Spot

On-site routine healthcare for residents and peace of mind for families.

Living a more independent life.

Routine healthcare helps us all live a more independent life. It’s essential for being a reliable employee. For maintaining a positive daily mindset. For having the energy to socialize with friends.

For residents of First Place–Phoenix, that routine care can be as simple and convenient as walking down the hall to the Health Spot on the first floor.

Licensed and operated by Dignity Health, the Health Spot is where residents can meet in private with a physician they know and trust for annual check-ups or other basic healthcare needs.

The Health Spot is also helping inform a healthier future for adults with autism and/or other neurodiversities. The clinic is helping us to better understand the unique challenges they face and allowing us to explore potential solutions. From patient-to-doctor communication to day-to-day wellness, the Health Spot is shaping better healthcare outcomes.

“We must all work together to ensure individuals with autism and/or other neurodiversities are informed and empowered to experience quality, uninterrupted healthcare throughout their lifetimes.”
Maureen Casey, Director, The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Center for Public Policy and Colonel Harland Sanders Center for Applied Research