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What the chance to volunteer gives our residents is priceless.
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Part of the First Place–Phoenix lifestyle.

Fostering engagement, building confidence, gaining skills and the privilege of giving—these are all important benchmarks for adults with autism and other neurodiversities. That’s why we created First Place Gives, a volunteer program that engages residents with a variety of activities benefiting local nonprofit organizations.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Engagement: sense of belonging
  • Pride: feeling of accomplishment
  • Identity: greater sense of purpose
  • Employment: Gaining of new skills
  • Teamwork: bonding and frienships

On-site and off-site weekly activities provide opportunities for residents to strengthen their hard and soft skills, enjoy new experiences, impact their community and build lasting, meaningful relationships. Opportunities include working with rescued animals, packing food and supplies for needy families, cleaning up parks and other public places, or making cards and crafts for ill children.

Every resident at First Place–Phoenix is invited to participate. And every resident who does can see and feel the difference it can make—for themselves and others.

“Life should be a rich experience with endless opportunities for learning, growing and giving back. That’s life at First Place–Phoenix.”
Lexie Barraza, CTRS, Director, Community Life & Wellness

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