Community Life

Who’s up for a class on how to make a charcuterie board? What about karaoke in the Community Room? Or maybe a hike through the Sonoran Desert? Community Life at First Place–Phoenix is rich with daily options!

A diverse community of pride, purpose and endless possibilities.®

Community life at First Place–Phoenix is robust and vibrant, contributing to the overall quality of life for residents. The First Place Community Life Plan—rooted in core values of kindness, wellness, personal growth and fun—is guided by the individuals who live here.

Daily Activities

Shared experiences and collective memories help build an authentic, active culture of community at First Place–Phoenix. Scheduled activities focus on health and wellness, the arts, recreation and connection. From healthy cooking classes and music workshops to water aerobics and various outings, the First Place Community Life team is always busy developing, organizing and managing over 1,600 annual activities. Many of these experiences are made possible by a special group of dedicated volunteers, to whom we are deeply grateful—thank you!

The gift of adventure. 
After Judy Ackerman and Richard Epstein visited First Place–Phoenix, they were inspired to give residents the opportunity to experience years filled with “aahs!” and “wows!” Thanks to their generosity, a special fund fills the calendar with thrilling outings that encourage residents to explore new horizons together.

“Life should be a rich experience with endless opportunities for learning, growing and giving back. That’s life at First Place–Phoenix.”
Lexie Barraza, CTRS, Director, Community Life & Wellness
“Every moment of the day, our community demonstrates how independent, purpose-driven lives are possible in an inclusive, supportive environment.”
Nancy Ottmann, Chief Operating Officer, First Place–Phoenix


Residents participate in community life by signing up on LifeLoop for recreational and entertainment outings, as well as monthly cultural and culinary events. Families and guardians can also learn about upcoming events on LifeLoop, review what their loved ones attended and enjoy related photos.