(October 2019 Blog Series – Intro)

“What brings you to D.C.?” someone asked me this week. The short answer? Learning with and being inspired by pioneers focused on achieving better life course outcomes for people with autism and other neuro-diversities.

This blog series focuses on the importance of collaboration. From this week’s Autism Speaks Thought Leadership Summit on Transition to Adulthood and this summer’s Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee Housing Work Group to the First Place® Global Leadership Institute Symposium the end of this month, ongoing collective impact is needed to move the needle.

Through innovation, proof points and new models that can be scaled, expanded and sustained in communities everywhere, we can engage our communities to harness the power, purpose and possibilities to positively impact those we love and others equally worthy of more joyful, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Next: Building the Superhighway for Transitioning Adolescents and Adults with Autism (Blog #1 October Series)