Resident Reflections

July 21, 2020

To stay positive during these uncertain times, some of our residents and students at First Place–Phoenix are taking the time to reflect on the past, present and future. We hope these “Resident Reflections” from a new series help provide you with some added serenity and positivity, too!


Lauren H.

My greatest support systems are my family and the First Place staff. My family always takes the time to have meaningful conversations with me, and the staff at First Place always listen to my struggles and help me navigate through them.


I have done a lot of things lately to improve my self-confidence, like having friends over at my apartment for dinner or just to socialize and spend time together.


“One of the goals I’ve accomplished in the last year was learning to prepare more meals for myself using different tools, like the microwave, oven and toaster.”


“To improve my self-confidence, I’ve been getting more fresh vegetables from the garden to motivate me to continue learning how to cook easy, healthy recipes.”

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