A big vision can be inspiring—and a magnet for like-minded pioneers on the same path.

Consider a healthcare model where no one goes untreated or is medically misunderstood because of a diagnosis of autism or other neurodiversity. That’s our big vision at the First Place Global Leadership Institute.

This brief video shares more about initiatives underway through recently launched programs at First Place–Phoenix, where health starts at home—and out in the community at large.

From our on-site Virginia G. Piper Health Spot and in collaboration with Dignity Health and Creighton University, we’re educating and enlightening the next generation of healthcare professionals while providing direct support to First Place residents. We’re bringing those healthcare providers together with residents, Transition Academy students, alumni and their families through our 360 Health & Wellness® curriculum, allowing them to not only learn about autism, Down syndrome and other neurodiversities, but also from the individuals experiencing those and other co-occurring conditions. They also learn about myriad social determinants directly impacting health and life course outcomes.

Join us for the 10th Global Leadership Institute Symposium, October 13–15, to get a better feel for the landscape, as well as the obstacles that can potentially derail a solid plan—and appreciate you’re not alone.

Symposium keynote speaker Dr. Joan Fallon, CEO of Curemark and author of Goodbye, Status Quo: Reimagining the Landscape of Innovation, will help you understand how to use peripheral vision to think more creatively and, together with your team, how to identify and clear those obstacles and move forward with your vision.

An informed and healthy mindset is necessary for developing a new reality. It also requires the clarity of a roadmap detailing steps along the way while building confidence, trust and momentum within your team.

It takes time to build out the pieces that often come with requisite wins, losses and lessons learned. It’s for this very reason the First Place Global Leadership Institute Symposium has teed up like-minded thought leaders to inspire and guide us toward our vision, even in this persistently uncertain climate.

Join us in person or via webinar October 13–15 and let’s move the needle in the right direction—together!