What First Place Means to Lauren Heimerdinger

December 3, 2014

Lauren spoke at SARRC’s 15th Annual Community Breakfast in 2013 and the 1,800 people in attendance responded with a standing ovation. She’s a remarkable and courageous young woman.

I am a 28-year-old with high-functioning autism, a.k.a. Asperger’s syndrome. I have lived with my parents and sister all my life. I would like to live at First Place because I want to be independent in my life. First Place would allow me to do that and have friends over as well. That is very important for me because I am a social butterfly. I believe I can thrive and succeed more in life if I live on my own. Of course, I am going to be nervous and scared at first, but I am sure I will embrace the new life change. Living independently will also allow me to meet new people and make new friends, which is also very important to me. When I move to First Place, I will meet and get to know individuals that are on the same level on the spectrum that I am. We can understand what each other has gone through, as well as help and support each other.

Check out this film from early 2014 of Lauren talking about First Place.

Personal story shared by Lauren Heimerdinger 

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