A thoughtful approach to design helps individuals with autism and other neurodiversities feel like they belong.

Sonia's Culinary Teaching Kitchen

From pasta and paninis to stir-fry and salads. Four fully stocked kitchen stations. Camera for filming and TV for viewing the Sprouts “First to the Table” cooking video series. Guest chefs welcome!

Cox Community Room

Our all-purpose gathering place. By day: meetings, workshops, training, group activities. By night: movies, karaoke, bingo, talent shows.

Photo credit: Jedidiah Woods -

Outdoor Patio

A popular spot for obvious reasons, including the Thunderbirds Charities sports pool! Joey’s BBQ Grill for social gatherings and meals, outdoor lounge for hanging out with friends. Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation Garden offers seasonal produce for culinary creations.

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Health Spot

Home to our health & wellness center and staff, including telehealth and medical exam room in partnership with Dignity Health.

Goodlife Fitness Room

Treadmill, elliptical, free weight machine, workout accessories, free weights and various classes.

LEGO® Lounge

Thanks to Artful Giving, THE spot to build and chill—solo or with friends. Thousands of colorful LEGOS of every size!

3 Reading Lounges

Reading rules! With a reading lounge on each of the three residential floors, residents can check out all kinds of books using our own cataloguing system. They can also join the First Place–Phoenix book club.

Space to Create

Where residents gather to express their creativity through a variety of artistic programs and activities. 

Zen Room

A place for rest and relaxation. Yoga, meditation or simply a quiet spot to reflect.

Arizona Cardinals Game Room

Complete with electronic games, TVs and comfy furniture. THE place to be on game day. Go, Cards!

24/7 Concierge

To help residents feel at home and give families peace of mind, First Place–Phoenix provides a around-the-clock concierge.

“Jed has been able to make friends and participate in a variety of activities ranging from yoga and Zumba to bowling, cooking and crafts. He has an instant community around him when he wants to be social.”
Georgann, Mom of Jed, First Place–Phoenix Resident