Josh Munoz

Family & Community Outreach Coordinator

Over 10 years of experience providing behavioral therapy to individuals between the ages of 18 months and 35 years with autism and related diagnoses has provided Josh with a wide scope of interpersonal development for neurodiverse populations.

As an undergraduate at Arizona State University, Josh worked in a lab setting on adult cognition and interpersonal relationships with renowned developmental, social, and evolutionary psychologists. His research experience allows him to apply contemporary methods to his collaborative work with neurodiverse adults, as well as educators, support staff, stakeholders and prospective First Place-Phoenix residents and partners.

Josh has worked with clients and their families from diverse backgrounds, cultures, values, and experiences in various residential and community settings, establishing goals in support of achieving personal independence and meaningful community integration.

A drive to maintain existing and develop new strategic relationships with partners and groups within the autism community aligns with the First Place Global Leadership Institute’s mission to support resident accessibility to more housing and community options.

Josh received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Arizona State University.