Amit Basak

President, Chairman & Co-Founder, Full Potential Solutions

Guided by deeply held beliefs about grace, integrity and the importance of teamwork, Amit Basak co-founded and runs Full Potential Solutions and Perch Insights. Through both organizations, he is helping to bring out the best in a range of industries, including marketing services, consumer-driven healthcare, private equity, enterprise technology and business process outsourcing.

Amit is a board director of YPO New England and YPO Seacoast, a new chapter focused on developing conscientious leaders who live their lives through kindness, curiosity and collaboration. He also serves on the board of Nashoba Learning Group, a school and adult program dedicated to helping people like his two sons with autism realize their full potential.

Amit holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. from Yale University’s Program on Ethics, Politics and Economics. Inspired by their sons, he and his wife, Una, have committed to making sure people with autism have a chance to be seen for what they can do, rather than what they cannot.