First Place

A Vision & Reality. Ground Breaking 2015.


First place to experience independence.

There is a place where adults with autism and related disorders can take those first steps into the world—safely, securely and with lots of support— First Place.

First place to build an adult life.

A new residential model that maximizes independence, community integration, personal enrichment and quality of life. Within walking distance of public transit, residents will be connected to the community at large offering opportunities for lifelong growth.

First place to practice independent living.

First Place and the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) are partnering to develop a state-of-the-art transition program that offers temporary living arrangements for 32 students each year as they transition to more independent living.

First place to create a new home.

Located in the heart of Phoenix, the contemporary, 50-unit First Place apartment property will be community-connected, transit-oriented and sustained by a suite of amenities and supportive services.

Moving to independence is a transition that can be difficult.

And if your adult loved one has autism or a related disorder, it can be nearly impossible. Who will keep them safe? Who will help them overcome the challenges of daily living? Or encourage their aspirations and goals? Who will provide them with a lifetime of support? Enter First Place. A residential living development that will be built to meet their unique needs. Learn more about our Vision and Goals for this community.

The best security system is the one that builds a true sense of community.
-Peter Gerhardt, Ed. D., JPG Autism Consulting
  • Community Connection

    First Place offers a location that’s convenient to everything in Central Phoenix. The development is planned to sit within walking distance of public transit…

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  • The Process

    Check out the checklist of the five things you should do prior to occupancy at First Place…

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  • Strategic Partnerships

    First Place is closely aligned with the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC). Its mission is to advance…

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